1/6 WWI Imperial German Infantryman, Battle of Liege, August 1914

Uniform and Equipment of the German Infantryman in August 1914

1. M1895 Pickelhaube (Spiked Helmet) with brass fittings
2. M1892 Helmet Cover with red regimental numbers
3. M1907 Field Cap
4. M1907 Tunic and Trousers in field-grey wool
5. M1909 Shirt
6. M1908 Overcoat in medium grey wool with red infantry collar patches
7. Regulation Suspenders
8. Private purchase Identity Disk carrier in brown leather
9. M1895 Buckle and Belt in brown leather
10. M1909 Ammunition Pouches in brown leather (capacity 120 rounds)
11. M1895 Knapsack in cow hide and red-brown canvas
12. M1892 Red-brown Tent Square and Equipment
13. M1910 Mess Tin in black-painted aluminum
14. M1893 Cup and Cutlery
15. M1907 Canteen in aluminum with brown felt cover
16. M1887 Haversack in red-brown canvas
17. M1898 Entrenching Tool and M1909 Carrier in brown leather
18. M1898 Mauser Gewehr (Rifle), Early War Version with inspection plate
19. M1898 Bayonet, Scabbard and Frog with Bayonet Knot (3rd Co.)
20. M1866 Infantry Boots in brown leather
21. Numbered Certificate of Authenticity from the National WWI Museum at the Liberty Memorial

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