MSGT Howard "Mad Max" Mullen JR.


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Accessories & BDU :
-Woodland Rip-stop BDU Jacket & Pants with BROWN Tee shirt & OD Belt x1
-BLACK Kneepads (Alta Style) x1 pair
-M44 Wind/Dust Goggles x1
-PAGST Helmet w/Woodland Cover & NVG Mount

Harness :
-OD LC2 Style Harness x1
-OD LC2 Equipment Belt W/Belt Extender x1
-Ranger Body Armor w/Magazine Pouch Modification & Sternum Pouch Modification x1
-OD Tactical Vest (Omega VI Style) x1

Pouches :
-OD LC2 M16/M4 Magazine Pouch x4
-OD LC2 Canteen Pouch w/h 1QT Canteen x2
-OD LC2 First Aid/Compass Pouch x1
-OD ABA style MX300 radio Pouch x1

Radio :
-MX300 radio with Hand Mic. & Antenna x1

Foot wear :
-Leather-made lace-up BLACK GI boots x1 pair
(with Enhanced Speed lacing system)

Weapons :
-M4A1 Carbine rifle w/ AN/PEQ-2A, Aim-point style scope, foregrip, Rear sight x1

Magazine :
-M16/M4 30rd Magazine x10

Body :
Dark color T.1 body with Hand-painted Head & Bendable NOMEX style flight gloves x1

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